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Posted By Admin on 02/12/18

The funny thing about a local sex finder website is that they pretty much function the exact same way as traditional dating sites. People sign up, they fill out a profile, the software works in such a way that it matches profiles based on certain keywords and certain variables. None of this is earth-shattering. None of this is new. None of this is unique. It’s very easy to develop the mindset that once you’ve seen one of these websites, you’ve pretty much seen them all.

Now, you have to look past the pictures. You have to look past the graphic design. When you look at the core of the typical local sex finder website, it doesn’t seem all that much remarkable, much less impressive. But if you want to really make that website work for you, you have to send the right signals to the chicks on that site.

In other words, treat them as unique. Treat them as special. How do you do this when you’re playing the numbers game? After all, you don’t know if she’ll respond. So what I normally do is, I would use a three-stage process.

The first stage involves just mass messaging. Basically just blast out to all the chicks that meet your parameters to see whether they want to chit chat. Keep in mind that for every hundred messages that you send out, you’d be lucky to get maybe two. So you need to send out thousands.

Now, once you get the dozens of responses because you’ve sent out thousands, the next step is to customize your responses. This is where you read chicks out. Look at their profile. If it looks like this chick is just fucking around and is not really serious or she’s a tease that gets off on getting guys’ dicks hard, drop them.

You don’t have time to fuck around on . You don’t have time to waste. Message the chicks, but customize the messaging. This is a great way of filtering women that respond to you. They are obviously interested, so when you get to the third stage, that’s when you flirt. That’s when you send signals that you’re going to eat that pussy, you’re going to bend her over and eat her ass, and otherwise make her feel like a queen.

It’s your job to advertise your skills to her. Think of it like a job interview. It’s all about her. It’s all about her pleasure. Because if you’re able to turn the conversation about what gets her off, chances are quite good that she would come back to you again and again if you are able to deliver. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

So do yourself a big favor. The key to success at these local sex finder websites is to make the experience all about the woman. Succeed, one partner at a time.

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