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Posted By Admin on 04/17/19

It’s easy to think that women looking for sex on have to look a certain way. It’s easy to think that these types of women have to look slutty or they are very sexually aggressive. Well, I’m telling you right now, if that’s how you think and you let your thinking influence your dating strategies, chances are you will be spending a lot of lonely nights. You are holding yourself back from the kind of success you could be having because you choose to believe in outdated, offensive, or outright insulting images and stereotypes of women who are out looking for sex. These misconceptions impact your behavior. You might think they don’t, but they do. The longer you hang on to these, the longer you’ll fail to hook up with chicks who would otherwise be eager to bang it out with you.

The sad reality, for most guys, is that a lot of women out there who are ready, willing, and able to have sex with them are sending out signals that these guys are completely clueless about. Part of the reason why this is the case is that most guys who think about women looking for sex assume that they look a certain way. There’s some sort of stereotype that we impose on these types of women. Not surprisingly, when we come across a flesh and blood person that’s actually looking for sex on the side, we are caught flat-footed. We don’t know what to do. In many cases, we don’t even pick up on the signals.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, you just need to set aside all your assumptions. It really is that simple. You have to remember that your chances of success and your perception of reality are influenced greatly by your assumptions and expectations. If you assume that women looking for sex have to look a certain way, then chances are you’re going to overlook a lot of women that are actually looking for sex. It really is that basic. The simple answer, keep an open mind.

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Posted By Admin on 06/07/17

You guys will need to forgive me, if I am not making much sense that is. I’m actually still out of breath from my full round of naughty action that we enjoyed last night. A buddy of mine told me to check out the sex meets at and wow… I’m not usually the type that would take my girlfriend along to one of these events, but I figured what the hell and we had such a blast.

At first I didn’t have a clue on what we should or shouldn’t do. It was lucky there was another first time couple there as they invited us to come and play with them. We took things nice and slow at first but it wasn’t long before we really unwound. Things got a little bit wild after that and while I can remember most of it, at certain points I can’t remember what babes pussy I was fucking deep!

It’s all part of the casual and no strings attached sex though, be it with a lonely housewife or a bunch of horny swingers it’s pretty much the same ideology. It’s always best to go in with an open mind and just enjoy yourself, if you liked it you can always go back for more, and if for some reason you didn’t nobody is forcing you to come back again!

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